I was at guitar center playing different strats, I decided to play through a Bugera, What I thought was a $350-500 amp was actually $150. I decided since it sounded pretty good, I looked at what their higher end models costed, and still pretty cheap. I didn't get to try those out, but I'm wondering from people who own them, what kind of sounds you can get out of them. I play overdriven blues to The Beatles, to maybe decently heavy rock. No metal. Should I look into buying a new one of these or a used blues jr or something else?
Decent amps. Overrated and defended to silly lengths by a certain demographic, but they're good amps for the price.
I think they're decent sounding, and certainly good value for money, but their quality is highly suspect. but then again, i'd still say they're the best low end amps around... they're still low end however.
some videos of the 6262 i've seen are amazing

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Bugera amps are great for the money, though there have been some technical problems in the past, they seem to have been worked out.
But, to answer your amp question, a Bugera V22 should get the tones you're looking for, though if you're still uneasy about the past difficulties, a used Peavey Classic 30 should do the job just as well with a decent distortion pedal.
I usually play through a burgera when im at GC and I find them to be great amps.. i don't understand all the hate...they sound great
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i love my 1990 and have had no problems with it thus far, it's loud as f an sounds great
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Love mine (333). about to buy another.... the 6262. Sounds excellent and you feel like you actually got something special for your money. I dunno, i have had many heads and combos and these are cool. they sound awesome and affordable enough to buy another.

Not saying they are the best, but they tussle with the big boys in the tone dept.

They are hand built by the chinese and if you don't believe a human in china can do what other humans can do you need a slap.

You played it. Did you like ?
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They are good sounding amps, but I've heard that they tend to have quite a lot of reliability issues.
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Ok lets get one thing straight.

Just because an amp is a tube amp, doesn't mean you're gonna get it sounding perfect. For the price, Bugera's are very good, but simply put, don't compare them to a $3000 amp because they're not going to, and won't ever, sound like one.

Reliability issues for the newer models aren't as big of a factor as they were for the original series, I did have a few issues with mine which was one of the earlier models, but after a quick fix, it was fine.

120watts is crazy loud and Because i can never crank the absolute balls out of it, I don't get it to the ideal level. Even at a gig venue its going to be say volume 3-4.

No idea of the newer products, but I'm not a hater. That being said, if i could afford something more expensive, I'd get it. So I think it's a good first tube amp, but the huge wattage isn't ideal.
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Talked to an amp tech at a high volume pro audio store recently and he said Bugera repairs account for half of his business. Since Bugera's models are clones of popular amps I would buy a used Peavey or Marshall.
Even if you're the best sounding low-end amp, you're still -- in the end -- a low end amp.
i love them, but i'm only a teenager, so i cant just shell out for a mesa, (which i plan to buy in about a year hopefully)
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