My amp has a high and a low output, so im wondering if i can plug my guitar and my ipod into both just for practice purposes (not extremely loud or anything) would this damage the amp?
No, it won't hurt the amp, but it won't sound any good though
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No, it won't hurt the amp, but it won't sound any good though


I'm not sure if the amp is designed to only accept only one input. If that is the case, then, maybe only one input will be active at any one point in time.

Even if both inputs work, the MP3 will be so heavily coloured by the amp's EQ, I doubt it'd sound any good.

2 reasons why it's probably won't work the way you'd want it to work.
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Usually when there are 2 inputs one is high other is low. Depending on the amp will determine how they interact. But your amp input isnt designed for the output level of an ipod for sure. And there is the fact it would be going thru your preamp any distortion or EQ would affect the ipod signal to. Its probably not a good idea to do this and there is also the fact it just wont sound good together.
can damage the speakers if you use it for a while.
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Your iPod's signal would be distorted by the preamp. It would sound as distorted as your guitar.
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