Roto 77s would be my choice. I love them. Warm, round sounding and thumpy with a bit of brightness that mellows nicely as they age.
does anyone have any opinions as to how well the roto 115 round set would do in standard tuning?
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Since we are talking flats....I've had 77s before. Has anyone tried both D'Addario Chromes and Rotosound 77s? Comparison please? I'm not made out of money here. lol
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Either the Rotosound 77 or the Rotosound Steve Harris Signature Flatwounds should suit you well. I've tried the D'Addario Chromes, and they are good flatwound strings. But I think you might like the Rotosounds better.
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I play chromes on my little brother's silvertone P bass knock off. Lots of the good old school thump there, I've really been wanting to try the roto 77, they seem like a good blend of warm bottom and upper register definition.
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