Here's the deal my mom is on my ass about learning some new songs because I wanna be a musician and I need something to play. Can someone find me some "realitvly" easy classic rock songs to play, not like smoke on the water easy but you know like a moderate level solo, type stuff. If you get too difficult I'll tell you.
Well, its not really classic rock song, but has the coolest solo I have heard. "floods" by pantera. not a easy one, but you can impress anyone with that one. well, for mod. easy rock songs I have to say "sunshine of your love", or "mississippi queen" (you know what i mean lol)
Sweet Child O'Mine
Summer of 69 (okay very easy, but a must-know)
Stairway to Heaven
Born to Be Wild
Back in Black
(Girls Girls Girls)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (again very easy, but well worth knowing)
Fear of the Dark
Highway to Hell
(Enter Sandman)

In no particular order.