So for christmas my dad gave me $150 and i'm using it to customize my Ibanez rg7321 7 string guitar. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for what i should do? Here's what i had in mind:

1. New BRIDGE pups. These are the most important things because the pickups on 7321 are not the greatest. I'm going to buy dimarzios but i only have enough for one set(like just the neck or bridge) and there are soooo many different types :P My influences are Morbid Angel, Meshuggah, Dream Theater, At the Gates, Korn, and In Flames(they don't use 7 strings but i do like their blend of alt/nu metal and death metal on some of their songs). I mean i've heard blazes are good but i've also heard thatv they're bad because the UV7 comes with them so they still have a slightly stock pup sound. but a lot of bands use them :P I'd like to get rid of most(not all) of the overtone from the B string. Like Meshuggah has a large ammount of overtone with their 7(and 8) strings, but Morbid Angel, Dream Theater, and Korn(at times) don't so anything that can get rid of that would be great. What would you guys suggest for new pups?

2. Anything else you guys would suggest :P I'd have like 40-60 bucks after the pups and idk what else to do to my guitar. I love Dimarzio pups the most and they're all like 70-90 dollars so getting a neck pickup is out of the question. Plus i don't like the neck pup(i've heard there are some amazing bridge pickups in fact john petrucci plays the neck pickup a lot but i've never played a guitar that had a good neck sound) so i may just leave the stock or get some weird modded one to make cool noises with lol. I also don't want a killswitch(already customizing my 6 string with one) so does anyone have any suggestions?