So, I threw a coffee grinder I had used to grind weed out of my car in the morning and onto the parking lot because I had heard that they were going to search me and some friends. Butttt, they have these inventions called cameras that they used to see me throwing it out. LOL

Now I'm going to the alternative school for a month or so. Anybody else gone to a school such as this? Experiences?
Went to Alty for a month.

Was better than regular school, beat the shit out of my class......

at Wii.

No ****ing joke, played Wii in class, and my teacher is an ex-Ranger.
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It would have been easier to clean any weed off the grinder, and keep it on you. Here at least, its perfectly legal to have smoking accessories, you just aren't allowed to smoke.
What kind of person brings a coffee grinder they use to grind weed to school?
I went to Give Center West. Alternative school for a semester and it was awesome. Recommend at least once in your life. People were alot more natural teachers included. I had teachers cussing students and w/ strong accent and they were nonunderstandable for a while. Got boring after a month tho but its really fun
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"The item i threw from my car was a discarded piece of rubbish, i apologise for littering the school car park"

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What kind of person brings a coffee grinder they use to grind weed to school?

This, all the way.
alternative school is a jooookkeeee mann, you're gonna just meet a ton of jokers and stoners haha. A few leggitimately ****ed up folks too, but mostly stoners.

these people in this here thread better be joking...
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I havent had to go but a friend was in night school for something like this. He dropped a bong in the bathroom spilling the water all over. Anyways the only thing he said about it was he got a few new contacts from the local stoners in the class.
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This seems like a terrible idea. All you're going to do is make better weed connections.
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