Hey guys,

Lately I find myself 'needing' a ton of gear (keyboard, controller, sitar) and i'm getting desperate with trying to find money. I've been thinking about selling my Jackson RR3, but wanted to see if anyone out there would even be interested in purchasing one.

It is black with a chrome metal pickguard. At the moment it has a Bill Lawrence XL500 in the bridge, and a Rio Grande Texas BBQ in the neck. There are 2 push/pull pots in the volume knobs, each splitting their respective pickups. I also have a pair of EMG 81s (I think) I could install in the guitar instead. I may consider keeping the passive pickups.

It would come with a Jackson hardcase

This is an old pic right when I got it before the new pickups were installed, it has basically stayed on that wall since i've gotten it.

I may not end up selling the guitar, but I just wanted to see if anyone might be interest. If someone was serious and wanted more pictures before making an offer I could take more once I am home. (In Boston currently, will be home over break in Chicago)