feelings bursting into each grain of sand
only for the ocean tide to wash it from her hand
only to be caught in the undertoe of purity
she lets herself drift searching for self security
my mouth is always dry when i try to speak to her
i want to be her soul, i want to be the saving cure

shes feeling unreachable tonight
the sun sinks in the water to provide her this dying sight
this girl's heart is sinking like a stone
emptiness to fill her glass by the pitch of her tone

an island is found to her rescuer of fate
her mind still searching for her soulmate
breathe so i can help you choke out the pain
your on an island simply left insane
i feel your heart pumping the blackened blue
you need to find yourself you need to be true

cant you see girl your killing yourself with your own mind
we have all felt the same way and it sallows down in time
dont be afraid to take my hand
dont be afraid of this blinding light