What I mean by the thread title is this: What, to you, is the most important part of being a good vocalist? Stuff like great technique, large range, etc.

Personally, I feel the most crucial component of being a good vocalist is the ability to be free with your voice and only worrying about making sure you hit the right notes, breathe in the right spots, and avoid doing things that will kill your voice. All the technique in the world won't make you a good vocalist.
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As much as I'd like to fully agree with you the most, most, most important thing has surely got to be to have a certain degree of confidence in your voice and have fun (I guess that applies more to being a front man) but what you say is definitely up there with the important parts of being a vocalist.
There's actually many important elements for good vocals........just like any other instrument. Pitch, Tone, Articulation (phrasing) and Timing. All of which will improve with proper techniques.

A weakness in any of these areas will effect the overall quality of your vocals.
confidence and expression imo. i dont really care if you can hit all the notes, although that helps. if you can sing expressively then i think thats key to being a good singer. if you can do both like stevie wonder, then you are set. i think he displays what it means to be a great singer. he always puts 110% into what hes doing, hits the notes and has a ton of expression.
confidence, for sure. Without that, you can't do anything vocally without sucking entirely.

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Confidence alone will not make a good singer..........it just makes them a confident singer, not necessarily a good singer.

Confidence will make a good singer even better..............and, the lack of confidence can hamper someone from developing into a good singer. Like I mentioned earlier, there's many different elements for producing good vocals........and I think they're all equally important.