I'm kinda new here so I had to debate whether this goes in the building forum or this so I chose this.

I have a Hamer guitar that has a Floyd Rose bridge. Unfortunately, a couple nights ago one of the saddles busted and I'm having a hard time finding (a cheap) one.

If anyone knows whereabouts I can acquire one, that would be awesome. The two guitar stores in my town went out of business a while back and I would rather get one online.

Any help is greatly appreciated, generics will work too!

Thank you UG!
Sorry for this (if you guys don't like it) but this got buried too fast and I need this information ASAP.

But, bump.
~ sonic_knx
uhm try guitarfetish.com or stewmac.com

theyre not that expensive
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Make sure you get the right one, most Floyds have 3 sets of 2 saddles, which are staggered to give the bridge its radius. When you buy it, you should have a choice of 3 (E/e, A/B, D/G)
@ glam rocker:

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, guitarfetish doesn't have what I'm looking for and stewmac only sells the set. Thank you anyway!

@ littlephil

What I need is a High Saddle (D/G). I think I found one but I'm not sure. What would be a good price for one, IYO?
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No idea really. I'm in Australia too, so prices are way different. I'd have a complete guess around $25, but really I dont know.
I'm looking on eBay and see one for about $16 USD. That's about $18 in Australia so I'm contemplating. The item closes in 2 days so I guess I'm going to have to pounce...

Thank you for all your help guys!
~ sonic_knx