I've been GASing for a semi hollow for a little while now. Been doing some reading and I'm very interested in the sounds I've heard they get and I think it fits my style. Any models I should be on the lookout for? I think it's fair to say an Gibson ES-335 is out of my range, the only one i've seen was $4000 bucks...

I play a wide range of rock stuff, but I've always leaned to a clean/slightly overdriven sound (think bluesy classic rock overdrive like the stones) over higher distortion tones. I'm slowly beginning to get into some jazz guitar sounds too, i have a long way to go in understading modal movement/progressions etc but it is a style and sound I want to delve further into.

Help appreciated.
Epiphone Riviera or Sheraton are always my recommendations. I've got a particular fancy for the Riv myself though.
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either what kurapica said or the ibanez artcore series. possibly some grestches also but they have a terrible problem with feeding back.
Quick responses I like that. Thanks for the suggestions. I've actually played a Sheraton but it was a while ago and I don't remember too much about it. Now that you mention Epiphone I remember they have the Dot and Casino in semi-hollow as well, but if I remember right those are lower-end models... I've never heard of the Riviera though I will have to check it out, thanks.