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I'm trying to put a band together to play a song for our school's talent show so no heavy stuff for the sake of our enrollment at this school. We have good guitar (not great but able to play really well), bass, drums, yet the problem is our singer. He's the only guy we would be willing to sing for us and he just came from choir. We were thinking a song along the lines of Weezer, Foo Fighters, or specifically Stellar by Incubus. Any suggestions for songs we could play/practice? (The singer is a tenor I believe and is one of the best choral singers in the school).

Thanks people

EDIT: I just found the Suggest a Song Thread...Damn searchbar am I right?
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Yaaa thisll prolly get moved. But Id suggest playing something that eveyrone knows. Learn To Fly, Monkey Wrench from the Foo would both be good. Stellar would be..well...Stellar. Depending on how good the singer is, some Stone Temple Pilots might be a good idea as well.
Everlong is definite song you should play but you need quite a good singer and coordination between gutars (also drumming isnt easy). Also My name is Jonas would be nice if your guitarists can perform it.

Ive had experience performing these songs with groups during high school.

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Stairway to Heaven could be a good song to play and its not too hard on guitar?
Maybe Hotel California if the guitarists can play it as its quite hard.
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EDIT: I just found the Suggest a Song Thread...Damn searchbar am I right?


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