Hey pit!

Well today I got a call from "trampoline" gelato (Melbourne), it's an ice-creamery i guess.

Has anyone worked here before? Or something similar? Like an ice cream parlor or something?

I want to know what the interview is like and maybe some questions I should expect.

Anyone got any answers/tips to help me?

What to say and what not to say?

Thanks for any help.
Quote by ScarecrowWillie
Tape your eyelashes back so they don't get in the ice cream.

I don't know who you are but I like you.

To have that competitive edge, you could pretend you have personal experience in making special desserts at home. Like, say, "I make my own special cream. Would you like me to whip it for you?"

Serious tip: demonstrate a good work ethic, enthusiasm, determination and all that stuff. I'd say employers would expect laziness of our generation so try to go against that.