Hi, I have a simple image request.

I need a picture of either a piece of paper or a picture that is being burnt from behind so that the fire is burning through the picture. Like if you held up paper and held a lit lighter behind it.

I'm stuck inside till tomorrow and I couldn't find any such picture on google.



Why would you want that?
Blindfolds aside I'd probably still close my eyes

And try to feel a trembling fetal life inside
that shotgun barrel that's about to make me bleed

Like an ulcer in the stomach of the beast

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your sarcasam amuses me

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The second is close. but I need it to be clear... And not an animated .gif (the last part isn't that big of a deal)

thank you very much for trying... But it's not QUITE what I need...

Even if someone has to take the pic them selves... that's fine.. I would but I'm at my parents house and I don't want to wake them up by taking the pic