Hey people

im looking for a new amp for gigging with my budget is £400. the main genres i play are Metal, hard rock, metal-core, nu-metal and abit of rock to top it off.

Id quite like a tube amp. something i can get a nice tight metal sound out of but i know sweet F**K all about tube amps

so are there any suggestions out there? i was thinking of a peavey 60 watt vypyr tube. but thats because i havent really spotted any other options


Peavey 6505+ 112 combo?
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Vypyrs break up at high volumes after a while. mine is doing it after a year and a couple shows at bars and clubs. if you have the time, save up a little more and get something more reliable.
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Peavey 6505+ 112 combo?


Or Blackstar HT-5 with a Bad Monkey. Would be easier to get a nice clean out of, that's the only real advantage. The Peavey's Overdrive is nicer though. May have to wait a while on the 6505+ 112 though, backorder and such.
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