Iguana burts.... let me LOL.
OT : if dimebag played any les paul, I swear it looked like that
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Between this and the new Dusk Tiger Les Paul, i don't know what's worse...
Gibson is ruining the Les Pauls for me.
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doesn't do it for me.
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I quite like it.
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It's decent looking. However I'd never buy a LP or any other guitar with that finish.
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I love that colour scheme. I always wanted to buy the Raven West version of that.
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It looks pretty good, but I'd much rather have a sunburst LP or something, if anything.
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i love it! obviously not for everybody haha
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Yes, I'd also recommend getting something in a Sunburst colour, Green isn't really good for guitars to be honest, it looks like you're holding Shrek's penis.
I kinda like it, but then again, I also like most of Steve Vai's crazy looking Jems, and other wierd colored 80's guitars.
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uhh its cool i guess
ive never been a fan of the way LPs look
i prefer the look of a SG
I think it looks sweet. obviously green isnt for everyone.
I'll say one other thing though.


you may find a guitar you may like even more which doesnt cost 3,000 euros
AND you will probably find that same guitar in the same colour for a lot less somewhere else. musicstore are generally, in my experience, rip off merchants.
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im so jealous

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I love the color but would rather have in over a quilt top like the RWG shown.

I think it looks pretty good, but it's very pricey. I've always loved the look of the dragonburst warmouth bodies -
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i think the iguanabursts are beautiful. i hope the price drops on these finishes, i'd be all over that. or a blackburst.

god give me anything but cherry sunburst, tobacco sunburst or black.
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I like the color / finish, hate the price tag. I'd get a slime LP if I could afford one.
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I love that. I'm usually not a huge fan of green but the LP in OP's post is really nice.

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Yay green. Not something you see every day. I wonder why there are so (relatively) few green guitars, when almost every guitar comes in sunburst or red.

People keep putting their guitars in grass when they take pictures of them so the manufacturers are afraid people might lose them.
i definitly wouldnt pay the 3000 euros but damn i like the color just my kinda green.
like it says; here i am bitch and oooh yeaaa hellz im green xD

suppose u have to like it but since i already have a gibson standard heritage cherry sunburst, i thought this would add nice if it wasnt for the isane price xD
AWESOME. i wish i had a guitar that colour. i love it.
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had to share this, probably gonna be locked tho..

share your opions please!
my new love