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Been playing guitar for 15 years, the last guitar I bought is a Jackson COW 6-string in black. Decided to mod a couple of my old guitars, and wanted to replace a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker with a Bill Lawrence L500-LX.

I seem to recall that there was some legal stuff going on between 'the' Bill Lawrence and a Jzchak Wajcman (Bill Lawrence Guitar Pickups) a few years back, so can anyone tell me this...

Did Dimebag use one of these... http://www.wildepickups.com/Wilde_Bill_s_Twin_Blades.html (towards the bottom of the page) designed and built by 'the' Bill Lawrence


One of these... http://www.billlawrenceusa.com/ built by Bill Lawrence Guitar Pickups?

Any help would be appreciated.

He used the ones from http://www.billlawrenceusa.com/ ...

Specifically the L500XL...

Remember to turn it around such that the blade that is supposed to face the bridge, faces the neck instead.


Also... use the searchbar to shift through the older threads... there was a thread which clears this up neatly.



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hmmmm, not in any peoples ive spoken to, and why do early pics of Darrell show him with stamped pups.

It has been proven in papers Willi Stitch is in fact an imposter pretending he made the original pups.
Im not saying the other ones are shiit, but theres some serious misconceptions surrounding these two rival companies.

This extract is from some site, im not going to argue anymore, im just saying the pups are virtual identical

As an Authorized Dealer of Seymour Duncan, Rio Grande, Van Zandt, Lace, L.R. Baggs and “Bill Lawrence USA” pickups, each and every day we are faced with a barrage of questions regarding Bill Lawrence pickups such as:

* “I spoke with Bill and Becky today and they say you must be selling Bill Lawrence knock-offs.”

* “Are you selling Bill Lawrence USA pickups, because I heard they’re inferior to the ones Bill and Becky makes.”

* “I heard Bill won’t be warranting any of those Bill Lawrence knock-offs anymore.”

* “How come your warranty says that Bill Lawrence guaranties your pickups, even though, Bill and Becky said they wouldn’t.”

First off, we at Music Bizness are committed to selling only the highest quality products. We don’t sell pickups made in Korea. We don’t sell pickups made in China. We don’t even sell pickups made in Japan. If a pickup is cheap and it doesn’t sound good, we flat out won’t sell it.

Secondly, we stand by everything we sell. Music Bizness is an Authorized Dealer for every brand we stock. As an Authorized Dealer, everything we sell carries a valid manufacturers’ warranty. Anytime you buy a Seymour Duncan, L.R. Baggs, Dean Markley, DigiTech, Van Zandt or Bill Lawrence product, you are covered. On top of the manufacturer’s warranty, we offer complete tech support and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Now, let’s address the Bill Lawrence controversy with a series of perfunctory facts:

* Bill Lawrence is a trade mark owned by EZ Wajcman. The man who claims to be named Bill Lawrence is actually Willi Stich, AKA Billy Lorento and Bill Lawrence.

* EZ Wajcman purchased from Third National Bank In Nashville the rights to the Bill Lawrence trade name or any derivation thereof. Willi Stich registered a Servicemark to provide services. Ez Wajcman ownes the Bill Lawrence Trademark. By law, a service mark is for services and a trademark is for products.

* (Think about when Leo Fender sold the Fender Company. Afterward, he started a new company called G&L. Nothing he sold was called a Stratocaster or Telecaster, nor was it labeled Fender. Leo Fender no longer owned the trade name Fender, even though, it was his last name.)

* Willi Stich is an innovator in the pickup industry. His blade and samarium cobalt designs have made great advancements in the development of the noiseless “single coil” sound.

* The legally registred Trademark of Willi Stich is Wilde USA .

* The legal name of Jzchak Wajcman's pickup company is Bill Lawrence.

* When you visit billlawrence_com, you are visiting Willi Stich’s website.

* When you visit billlawrenceusa_com, you are visiting The Bill Lawrence Pickups Company website owned by Jzchak Wajcman.

* Pickups made by Willi and Becky Stich at Wilde USA are great pickups.

* Pickups made by Jzchak Wajcman at Bill Lawrence USA are great pickups.

* Some say Willi Stich’s pickups sound better.

* Some say Jzchak Wajcman L-500XL’s are more articulate and sound better.

* Some say Seymour Duncan’s pickups are the best.

* Some say DiMarzio’s are awesome.

* It's all a matter of taste!

* Currently, there is a bitter lawsuit regarding the Bill Lawrence trade name between Willi Stich and Jzchak Wajcman.

* The lawsuit originated when Willi Stich's and/or his wife, Becky, complained to eBay that people were violating their intellectual property rights by selling products under the Bill Lawrence name. The prestigious Dan Torres of Torres Engineering, who by no means would risk his reputation and company to sell knockoff Bill Lawrence pickups, was banned and prohibited from selling on eBay.

* Becky and Willi claim to have made the actual pickups that went into Dimebage Darell’s DEAN FROM HELL guitar. This is not true. Willi Stich had nothing to do with the Dimebag Darrell DEAN FROM HELL GUITAR. In addition, there are a multitude of documents regarding Washburn, and the Bill Lawrence Company as well as Dimebag interviews (one of which can be seen on youtube) to support this claim.

* Becky, Willi Stich’s wife, has repeatedly spread, for lack of a better word, propaganda on the Fender Forum and other guitar based forums and review sites regarding the fake, knock-off pickups labeled under the Bill Lawrence USA name.


* In an attempt to fix the confusion, Jzchak Wajcman began labeling Bill Lawrence pickups as Bill Lawrence USA pickups. Unfortunately, doing so even furthered the confusion.

* Pickups made by Willi and Becky Stich’s company, Wilde USA, are manufactured in Corona, California. Their Pickups are made from quality materials, but on different machines than the ones used to make the world famous Dimebag Darrell L-500XL pickup

* Pickups made by the Bill Lawrence Company (USA), owned by Jzchak Wajcman, are manufactured in La Jolla, California. All pickups are made from only the best materials on the same machines used since 1982 that made world famous Dimebag Darrell L-500XL pickup

* If you call Becky and Willi Stich at Wylde USA, they may tell you that Bill Lawrence(USA) pickups are knock offs or imitations and won’t warranty those pickups. Unfortunately, in my own opinion, if Willi and Becky, were more forthright, they would simply say, “Oh, we don’t make those pickups that’s why we don’t warranty them, but Bill Lawrence USA does. Here’s their number so they can take care of you and get your pickup fixed.”

I feel we have been honest and forthright in presenting the facts regarding the Bill Lawrence controversy. For more information, you can go to the Bill Lawrence USA home page. Although the Bill Lawrence Company’s website is not the prettiest page, you can see the evidence and facts regarding this matter.

Please, I urge each and every one of you to cut through all the propaganda and know that both companies make great pickups. Choosing the right pickup ultimately comes down to one decision, “does it sound great to you? ” We sell hundreds of Bill Lawrence USA pickups, and nearly all of them agree, they're great pickups.We think so, too.
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+1 to above........I love the 500XL I have So it's much cleaner sounding than the Dimebucker and Cheaper Score!
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+1 to above........I love the 500XL I have So it's much cleaner sounding than the Dimebucker and Cheaper Score!

There's very few pickups that can sound worse than the Dimebucker.

In fact, I'm not even sure its sonically possible!
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it's so cool to hate Gibson, even the federal Department of Justice hates them.

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I read on the Wilde site that Dimebag used the L500 which would be right for the era. I have one in my Yamaha and, though its not hugely loud by modern standards, it has a definition that beats every other pickup I have heard. The L500 is easy to recognise as it has narrow, curved pole bars and a chrome surround to the coils.
To be fair to BL(USA), their identification system does give a link to Wilde for more info on the L500, so the rivalry is mostly a bit one-sided.
Both companies produce great pickups at very keen prices though there are sometimes delays at Wilde due to popularity.
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