Excellent Condition Pod X3 Live. Never left my house, only a couple months old! Works perfectly, no visible scratches or dings.

The Line 6 POD X3 Live guitar multi-effects interface puts the power of the POD X3 into a stage-worthy box, complete with 12 footswitches, expression pedal, and easy-to-reach knobs. The sturdy POD X3 Live lets you play through two amp and effects chains at the same time, giving you amazing tonal options. Plus, dual inputs allow you to use two instruments (or a mic and an instrument) at the same time, routed to two independent signal chains. Fully loaded with over 100 amp and cab models, plus over 90 effects and several preamp models, POD X3 Live is a stage-ready essential!

Line 6 POD X3 Live Guitar Multi-effects Interface at a Glance:

* Incredible array of amp, cab, effects, and preamp models
* Two independent modeling and routing chains
* A stage-ready POD

Incredible array of amp, cab, effects, and preamp models
Guitar amp models are just the beginning: with guitar cabs, stompbox and studio effects, bass amps, bass cabs and vocal preamps, POD X3 Live comes complete with the all-around sonic firepower of a top-tier major-label studio, ready to tackle guitar, bass vocals and beyond. What's more, its larger LCD and smart new editing workflow pages make it easier than ever to find, tweak and save tones.

Two independent modeling and routing chains
POD X3 Live also offers powerful new dual tone modeling and routing options. Split your single-input guitar or bass signal through two different amp and effect chains simultaneously to create gorgeous new hybrids, or use the X3 Live's dual inputs to individually process two instruments-a microphone and a guitar, for example-at the same time. Whether you're playing through a P.A., amp or recording rig, plug your microphone into the XLR input to make vocals and acoustic guitars sound their absolute best.

A stage-ready POD
Though it shares its formidable internal features with the desktop POD X3, Line 6 built the POD X3 Live to be able to take the rigors of the stage, night after night. This rugged floor unit gives you an expression pedal, 12 footswitches, and knobs that are easy to get to and tweak. It's all housed in a sturdy aluminum enclosure. The POD Live X3 comes loaded with every model available for POD including bass models, a Variax input, USB, and S/PDIF out.

Line 6 POD X3 Live Guitar Multi-effects Interface Features:

* Allows playing/recording two sources at once through independent signal chains
* Lets you play a single source through two signal chains simultaneously
* 12 footswitches
* Expression pedal
* Easy-to-access knobs and controls
* Sturdy aluminum construction
* Onboard preamps
* Larger backilit display
* Over 100 amp and cabinet models
* Over 90 effects modules
* Preamp models
* Instant access to most frequently used commands
* USB and S/PDIF connectivity

Comes with Box, Manual, USB cable, and Power supply.

$400 shipped through paypal ONLY