Hey guys, I just posted a new recording I've done, and was thinking itd be great to get some criticism/opinions, as well as ideas to finish the song off.
Its on my profile, titled "Irish String + Solo"

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needs some work. none of what you dd really seemed to fit together. the power chords at the beginning with the irish stuff wasn't bad but the solo just didn't work at all with this. there was a total lack of balance with your various parts sound wise. this is not meant to sound negtive as your playing was fairly god throughout. your lead tone made me think early Blue Cheer which i really liked but not for this song.

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it sounded like the song was in a major key and you were playing minor. whether im right or wrong about that, it sounded a bit off. not that your playing was bad or that the song was bad, they just didn't go well together. i did like the first half or so of it. maybe elaborate and that and make a song without a solo? as far as the solo itself, try finding the key that the song is in and play a scale that sounds nice over that key or find out each chord and solo based on each chord. maybe that will fix the oddness of the two parts. also maybe take the distortion down a little. listen to the dropkick murphys for some inspiration

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1246494 - here's a draft of a new song i made if you feel nice enough to critique mine.