Check it out, two channel XLR with phantom power. No software but there's some kind of ProTools DVD they're throwing in for free, not sure if that includes the program or not. I've never quite trusted the look of these M-Audio interfaces, but I've never had a problem with any of their midi controllers that I've owned.

At this price, you really can't do any better! I highly recommend this to any of you new guys on a budget, so hurry up and get 'em before the end of the day!

(no, I'm not affiliated with MF. If I was, I'd have way better gear!)
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Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. At $99 I wouldn't trust the quality of the thing too much, but hell, if they're throwing away a pro tools to go with it, then it's a real no-brainer.

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$99 will get you a cheap 2 channel M-Audio interface nearly anywhere, including a local Best Buy. It also comes with some software.
I have a friend who uses this interface and although it's not great, it does get the job done. I don't think this is an outstanding deal but hey, thanks for putting it out there.

I have been using an M-Audio 2496 PCI card for about a year now and it's a very nice product. Audio quality isn't even close to my PreSonus FP10 but before hearing that, I wasn't complaining at all.
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