I have been taking 1/2 hr lessons from a guy for a few months. I have learned about 2 scales other than that it's a new riff from a differant song each time. I told him that I would like to finish learning a song before moving on. He says you need to be overloaded and gives me 2 more songs to work on. I have started playing again about 2 years ago. (I played back in high school but really only new a bunch of riffs) I have to start working shifts in the new year which will give me more time to practice since noone else will be home. I just don't feel I am getting much out of these lessons. I have learning how to bend properly and a few other techniques, but just don't see any improvement.
Any input?
Have a chat with him, tell him how you feel and make sure he understands what you want out of your playing. Then give him a chance to act on that. If he doesn't know how you feel he can't do anything about it. If things don't get any better then yea, I'd look for a new teacher.
well besides licks here and there and basic technique, has he taught you any music theory? Since I personally do not know how you play and what you know thus far its hard to say if maybe hes tailoring your lessons based on your background and/or trying to motivate you to practice more by providing you with multiple songs to work with. Ultimately, if your feedback is ignored and if you feel time is being wasted than i say you should look into the market of a new instructor.
Join a band. Learn the songs for the band.

Trying to learn fragments of songs for a lesson isn't 100% a waste of time, but it's not a good use of your time either.
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The theory I know which is minimal is from my own research( I know that all the notes on th eguitar can be found all over the neck I know how to find them) I would like to learn some theory to leran how to make my own riffs and solos but not to the extent that I am a Joe Satriani etc. Once I get better I would call this guy up to Jam because he can play he knows some theory but not all of it. I have another guy in mind that has taken music schooling so I am hoping to hook up with him, which should also help me keeping time of the song which the current guy does not explain to me.