Hi all! Just joined the forum after reading tabs off here for a year! I had a pretty bad motorbike crash just over a year ago and was stuck indoors constantly so I bought my 1st cheap guitar and never looked back

Had a couple of questions about upgrading pickups, I have a luna andromeda phoenix 6 string which I absolutely love, but I've seen a couple with emg pickups, I want to buy something powerful like a pair of EMG 81/85 etc but I'm not clued up on any of this. As it's not the most common guitar in the world I was wondering if there would be compatibility issues?


Could anyone tell me if they come in different fittings, will mine be an easy swap, and how much difference will I notice from the standard humbuckers? I'd definitely be interested in a used set but can't seem to find any

I also have a washburn wg-580, and a wg-587 7 string.


A few vids from my 1st year of learning, thanks

Whatsup Leon.

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You'll get much better answers if you re-post this in the Electric Guitar Forum. (Be sure to tell them what kind of amp you have, as this will greatly affect a pickup's tone.)

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Welcome to UG, enjoy your stay.

You can call me Aaron.

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