ok so, i was given an amp from my mums fiance. ive googled it and all i could find was the site he bought it from (Aussie auction site)

Heres a pic: http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/159/img00334.jpg (excuse quality)

Before you ask its a Freedom FA80
all i know is that i think it has 2x10 or 2x12 and its "80 watt max" thats it really

i might be able to record me playing to give an idea of how it sounds (later)

but for now, judging by the minimal information, can anyone tell me if its decent or anything really.
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Freedom 80 Watt Guitar Amp.
2 x 10" speakers
Clean/Overdrive switch
Treble, Bass
Effects Loop
Headphones socket
Input Sensitivity: Low=100mV
Frequency Response:40Hz-20KHz
Rated Power: 80 Watts Max.
S/N Ratio: 56db
Size (mm): 590w/410h/225d

thats all I found, if you like the sound of it then thats all that matters