I just installed a jimmy page les paul wiring kit for a friend of mine that he bought from guitarelectronics. Install went fine. I know how to read wiring diagrams and schematics, and am decent at soldering. After getting it all hooked up and installed, I have one thing not working. everything in the neck circuit works fine (parallel, split, vol and tone). however, in the bridge circuit, I get very low output (i thought i was getting nothing until turning the amp up) in the normal humbucker setting. when i split the bridge pickup, it works fine on both north and south (push/pull phase pot). I've retraced my wiring several times and everything seems to be wired up correct. it also works fine in series if the bridge pickup is in coil split mode. any ideas where to start? I have also checked at the jack with a multimeter and both pickups are reading the correct impedence in all positions. here is my setup: fender esprit, seymore duncan jazz pickup(neck), seymore duncan jb(bridge), 2 volume (push/pull), 2 tone(push/pull), 3 way selector switch.

here is the link to the wiring diagram i used:

Thanks for any help
if you click the link in my sig, you'll see the ultimate wiring thread. theres a bunch of wiring codes in there. make sure the colors are right. if you have any more questions feel free to post them in there
thats really weird that the north coil works on its own, and south works on its own, but not together :/

do you get the same low output with the bridge not split, but the phase switch on?

is there any chance you wired the 2 coils of the bridge out of phase with eachother?
like, reversed the north start and finish, or reversed the south start and finish?

..seems like it could be the culprit..

edit: damn, jared.. thats the second time in a row I've posted in a wiring thread before seeing you've already suggested going to the ultimate thread

..I should add a link to my sig