hi i dont know much about distortion pedals and i read the thread the ultimate od/dis.
but if i have the gain all the way up on my amp then i use a distortion pedal does it go even more distorted?

im looking at this distortion pedal http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=260060016

also are they alright for getting pinch harmonics out of?
also overdrive and distortion are the same arent they?
im also looking at a flanger or phaser pedals what are these?
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overdrive and distortion ARE NOT the same. distortion sounds cleaner, but isn't cleaner....sounds stupid, but it's like the tone sounds purer, wheras overdrive is muddier. For example bands like AC/DC and Led Zep would have used overdrive (what you get on the amp) but modern bands like Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin use distortion for the most part. Distortion sounds heavier, and i find it's better for pinch harmonics, though you can get it out of both. Distortion and maxed out overdrive on your amp WILL sound dreadful, but you really have to experiment, it will make it more gainy, but not necessarily sound nice.
The DS-1 is fairly mild distortion, the DS-2 is more powerful. I have a MD-2 (mega distortion) and that's frankly awesome for most stuff.
a flanger, is a modulating sort of effect, that sounds a bit like an auto wah, and a phaser is a phase shifter, another modulating pedal that sounds like the sound is compressed and sounds more digital
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distortion and overdrive are the similar. Overdrive is less of a break up of the signal. I find overdrive a lot more pleasant, and clearer.
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Overdrives are meant to push an already dirty amp. Distortion are made to run through the clean channel. More or less anyway...
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whateve your choice is, dont get a metal zone unless you want a serious pain in the ass trying to get some decent eq, still all your efforts the sound you can get out of it its very muddy or very sharp, that ds1 its good but we cant recomend you something better without budget and genres
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Quote by TheRectified
Overdrives are meant to push an already dirty amp. Distortion are made to run through the clean channel. More or less anyway...

No, boosts are meant to push an already dirty amp.

Overdrives are meant to sound like natural tube break up. It just happens that some also work very well as boosts.
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