Ok so I just got this lovely 89' RG550 in a rare sunburst colour..
Everythings fine some signs of age here & there (expected for something 20 years old)
One thing that wasnt mention though was some damage at the locking nut..
I'm not an Ibanez man myself & this is the 2nd one I've had with similar damage so I was wondering what Ibanez players think of it? Is it that bad? Should I get it fixed/send it back? Or will it be fine? Thanks alot for any help

send it back. doesnt look that good.

it might get worser when you restring your guitar etc. or sometime you have the headstock in your face.

good luck buddy. but ibanez are good guitars actually.
I'm no luthier, but that looks like some pretty scary damage. That's right in a spot that receives a lot of tension from the strings (from the locking nut). To me, It looks like if you pulled up on the strings some it would start bending that top part and the crack will get bigger. The crack is already going pretty far too. Usually, I'd say just throw some wood glue in the crack but that looks like you would never be able to get in there to do it in the first place. Remember, there is a truss rod there so the crack might be only on one side too. If anything, I'd say it would warp if it doesn't eventually crack.
I'd say send it back.
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yup... send it back... it would get worse...
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Ok can we stop sucking this dudes dick and deal with my question?
Thanks guys, this is my 2nd ibby (1st was a project that had a horrible break but managed to sell it anyway)
As for this one, the crack is only on the one side, underside of the fretboard the other side is perfectly fine.

Ooh sellers offered me a refund - postage & I have to pay to send it back. So theres £30~ wasted because of a poor listing. -.-'
I personally, would keep it, wait till the crack gets awful (Awful enough to fix), then glue it. :/
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I personally, would keep it, wait till the crack gets awful (Awful enough to fix), then glue it. :/

Why keep it & glue it when I can just send it back (if he'll pay for it) & just get another RG550 without a neck break/crack off ebay? Yeah it'll be just the plain black or something & not this awesome sunburst
^ Thats the guitar
Because you'll be going through this annoying hassle and paying extra money when you can really just keep it in the rare colour that you really like.
man that guitar is so damn pretty, shame about the neck. And he would only sell it on anyway, i know what he's like
TBH I'm with Baby Joel in saying keep it. Yes you could get another RG550 but how many of them would be the same as this. If you are really shitting bricks about the neck you could probably pick up a new one or get one made for you by ET Guitars and have whatever you want on it.