I currently have active pickups in my LTD EC-1000 but I am going to be switching them to passive as soon as I get the funds and the time. I'm more than likely going to go with a Seymour Duncan JB (Bridge) and 59' (Neck). Anyway, which wiring diagram would I use to do this? Also I'm not sure how I wanna wire it. I'd like to do coil-tapping. But I don't know anything about series and parallel or in phase, out of phase.

Also one more thing. Can someone give me a good place to buy the electronics (Pots, Wiring, Caps, Etc...)
And would I need long shaft push/pull pots?


EDIT: If someone could give me a full list of everything I'd need that'd be great cause I'm not sure about what type of everything I should get.
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length of the shaft depends on your guitar. my gibson, washburn both use a longer shaft. i have no clue about LTDs. check the link in my sig on wiring. what you need is on the first page. as far as where to buy. depends on you. if you're in the US, i'm going through nuthinbuttrubl8 to buy long shaft pots from allparts. he gets 25% off. there is a resource thread if i remember right, check in the central hub at the top of the list of threads to find it, it should have suppliers in it.