Ok so i want a new electric guitar and i can't decide between gibson les paul studio, i would get an used one and a washburn wi66pro, a new one. I mostly play rock, but sometimes i play some blues and a litle metal (not much). I know that washburn has that system where the humbucker can sound like a single coil, but is it really that good?
If you can't try before buy, I'd get the Washburn as their quality control is much more consistent than Gibson, especially on the newer models.
The VCC system is cool, but gets somewhat boring after a while, and doesn't do what you expect. What I'd do, is get the Washburn, but spend the $10-15 to get audio pots with DPDT switches attached (Push/pull pots) so you can do coil splits. Easy wiring job, lot's of versatility.
If you can try both before you buy, then really, you have to go for whichever one you like more. Make sure when you try to play all the styles you like to play, and to mess around a lot with EQ and pickup selections and whatnots.
I played a WI66 pro recently, and it's a great guitar. Brilliant value.
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i'd say get the studio
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i rekon the studio. but if u want something to sound like a signle coil, get a strat or something. maybe a hss?
gibson will probably feel better on your hands. it's too bad the studio doesn't look that nice.. any chance you could save for LP traditional or gibson LP with binding? i suggest the washburn unless u can get a nicer LP
It's all about feel
I would pan for the Washburn. Gibson Studio can be great but chances are that you will get a bad one.
If you must go Les Paul then I suggest a copy from Edwards, Tokai, Burny. you will have to import them but even with all the costs it will still be cheaper than the Gibson.

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