I took the most wonderful ride
sun beams slid over my eyes
and while looking through the glass
the sun came across a punctured white blanket
lighting my face up
every fifth second
and all I could do was smile
when I felt like it could match with the sun's

the car door opened
and I stepped out of this world
that was within this Honda Accord
I examined this other dimension
everything still, seemed bland
I knew what to do
so I ran
and all I could do was smile
when I duplicated my previous fantasy

fatigue unknowingly crept
passing out, bringing another ride to an end
unsuccessfully being revived by a friend
I muttered "leave me be"
I was the sun shining over the world with my smile
lighting up their faces
I'd prefer this lifestyle
and all I could do was cry
when I woke up, and did not see
the Sun in the night sky