Hello fellow guitarists!,

I want to buy myself a new guitar for Christmas. My budget is $1000 USD. As I'm also trying to save up for a Line 6 POD XT. Anyway I narrowed down my choices to a BC Rich Mockingbird ST, and a Dean VMNT Rust In Peace.

Mockingbird ST: http://www.bcrich.com/Mockingbird_st.asp. For $700 or the

Dean VMNT Rust In Peace: http://www.deanguitars.com/dean_winter_09/Dave_Mustaine_VMNT_Rust_in_Peace.htm. For $1000

Each have their own Pros and Cons to me.

The Mockingbird doesn't have the pickups I want, and the VMNT doesn't have Floyd Rose.

If I buy the Mockingbird then I'll have enough money to buy the POD, but I prefer the specs on the VMNT more. (And the looks )

I like to play old school thrash metal like Metallica and Megadeth. I also enjoy some Classic Rock like Led Zeppelin, ACDC, and Pink Floyd. So yeah..

If your looking to suggest a guitar I'd prefer one with a Mahogany body, Ebony fingerboard, set neck, a Floyd Rose, and preferably V shaped
Well, if you like rock and metal and need a V shaped guitar with a Floyd Rose, your best choice is a Jackson RR3. You will also have enough money for the POD.
I would go with the Mockingbird in my opinion. Use that extra cash not for the amp, but new pickups and pro installation.
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Out of those, I'd personally prefer the Dean, because I like V's too & I'm not a fan of BC Rich!

But if I was to suggest one... http://www.rondomusic.com/hornetpro6wh.html A lovely Agile
Ebony fretboard, mahogany body, LFR, EMG 707's, set neck & cheaper than both of the guitars you were looking at!
Sorry I forgot to mention I need a guitar with 24 frets so I don't think I'll be getting the RR!