Hi, I am new to the forums here, but I have been coming to this site for tabs for a long time, and I figured it would be the best place to ask for help. I have been playing guitar for about 6-7 years now, and I'd say my knowledge about guitar is above average for my age group. I always do my truss rod adjustments, and action adjustments on my own, so I have some basic understanding about all that. But for the past year or so my G string won't stay in tune very long. All my other strings stay in tune very well. I always stretch my strings when I re-string my guitar so that isn't the problem. I've searched on google, but I cant seem to find an answer to my problem. I'm not sure if there is a way to adjust my tuners on my guitar, but I don't want to jump into anything before getting some advice on the subject. I play an ESP-LTD Viper 400 guitar with a fixed bridge, and tune-o-matic tuners. I use the skinny top, heavy bottom stings by Ernie ball, but even when I used the DR Black beauty coated strings I had the problem.
I have never been a member of any forums before, so please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place, or if I'm not using the correct lingo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advanced :]
I would buy some locking tuners, they are pretty cheap. My SG has the same problem.
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i have the esp-ltd ec 1000. it has the esp locking tuners and my g string will do this. it doesn't drop out of tune by a huge amount, but it's enough that you notice it when it does
tune-o-matic is the bridge not the tuners

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Haha, pretty much every guitar suffers from the 'G-string-is-the-only-string-that-won't-stay-in-tune-syndrome'
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i have the esp-ltd ec 1000. it has the esp locking tuners and my g string will do this. it doesn't drop out of tune by a huge amount, but it's enough that you notice it when it does

Exact same problem. Do you get it if you're bending away on the g?
It seems ****ing ridiculous that we payed a fair amount for a good guitar with locking tuners, and yet this still happens. It's really pissing me off.
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Haha, pretty much every guitar suffers from the 'G-string-is-the-only-string-that-won't-stay-in-tune-syndrome'

Yeah, the G-string is usually the one that goes out of tune the most often, or is the most noticeable. You might want to lube the nut a little, sometimes the string sticks a bit. Also make sure you always tune UP to the note, so when you do a bend you will stay in tune. If you tune down to the note, after a bend you will be out of tune.
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Oh true. Out of all the people I jam with, I am the only one with this problem, but thanks for the quick replies everyone.
Oh and by the way, it doesn't only happen when I do bends, sometimes it will happen after i stop playing for a few minutes, or sometimes it will go out of tune after playing like a 4-5 song set. The weird thing is, it sometimes will go sharp which makes no sense at all to me.
try tightening it by pulling it farther up the buttocks. Should stay up there snug.
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try tightening it by pulling it farther up the buttocks. Should stay up there snug.

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try tightening it by pulling it farther up the buttocks. Should stay up there snug.

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I had the same problem before...on the guitar not the buttocks, for me I just put on new strings? Not sure how that fixed it but it did?
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My girlfr- oh! You meant... yeah tune up to the note... and make sure it isn't snagged in your nut...
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- Tune up to the note, rather than tuning down to it.
- Use a slightly heavier gauge string.
- Make sure the string is wound 2-3 times around the peg.
- Lube the nut with nut sauce or really soft art pencil.
- When you put the string on make sure you stretch it and retune it until it stays in tune.

That's about all you can do without changing the tuners. Strining technique is the main thing, tbh.
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Nut lub as Zero Mike said. Also it could be the way you wind the string. I've heard tons of bad things about Gibsons staying in tune and my explorer's g string went out a lot. When I changed the strings the second time I realized how sloppy I had gotten due to having so many guitars with locking nuts. You might check on the video, link below, and try winding like that before you buy locking tuners. I love locking tuners and they are easier to use but
I don't have the money to buy fifty dollar tuners after I get a new guitar.

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Lock the strings on themselves when you change them. MrFlibble, a member of these forums, wrote up a pretty good guide on it a while back. I haven't really had any tuning issues on my PRS, Les Paul, Ovations, or Epiphone since I started.
Typically the cause of this problem is a mis-cut nut where the G slot is too narrow or is shaped funny at the bottom. If not that, it's the tuners.
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