I'm building a bass pedal board to use at home and at gigs and I wanna split my signal so I can blend my dry signal with my effects.

I'm thinking about using this: http://www.dv247.com/guitars/morgan-acoustics-gs-1-4-1-in-4-out-guitar-signal-splitter--61420

Then running the dry signal into this: http://www.dv247.com/studio-equipment/behringer-mx400-micromix-compact-line-mixer--34407

Obviously i'll then run my effects chain into the mixer, I just wanna know if this will work, or if there are any simpler alternatives for a similar cost.

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Apparently, their audio equipment isn't too bad, but will still be a bit flimsy.

I run a Barge Concepts VBF-2 for blending wet and dry signals. A bit more expensive, but the quality is top notch.
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