this is my tone now


im using one of those Marshall mg mini stacks (i can proudly say, i hate it) im using a dean hardtail, stock pick ups(im saving to get some emgs )

and i have a black star HT-DISTX (pure valve filth) distortion stomp pedal.

just wondering is there anything i can do thats cheapish that will make my tone sound better.


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hate to say it...but the problem is your amp. Nice playing though
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A good amp will improve your tone a lot. Don't bother saving for new EMGs until you have a good quality amp because new pickups will make little difference.
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all you need is some overdrive, a delay pedal, and some backing tracks.
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anything that will give me a kick ass metal/hard rock sound

whats your max budget?
Aside buying a new amp you can try turning up the volume on the amp and picking softer or turning down your volume knob...trust me you'll get a whole different sound out of it. It's really not that bad of a sound it's just very dry sounding...needs some reverb or delay...
The only real point in EMGs is for pushing tubes to crank amps easier. The pre-amp tube in the dist-x sounds better through tubes amps rather than putting the tone through a solid-state. I have both a dist-x and solid state (well, valvestate) amp but it may be soon replaced by an ENGL.

New amp is the way forward.
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Quote by shredda2084
(im saving to get some emgs )

I thought you wanted to improve your tone.

I'm just going to echo what everyone else has been saying and tell you that it's mostly the amp. What I would do rather than recommend you something, would be to tell you to go down to the nearest guitar store and ask to try out a few amps, with the intention of buying something in your price range, and that you want to get something you like. The problem with recommending gear is that my ears can't be the judge of what you like, so before buying new gear, it's always important to try it out yourself
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New amp is the best way to go. But if you're not gonna get one in a while, how about buy an equalizer pedal? Proper settings on an equalizer can help you get the tone you're looking for too (obviously not exactly what you want, you'd need to upgrade your amp first, but atleast a little bit towards it)
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a new amp would do it.,. nothing else !!!!!
no pedals. or maybe a computer software but you dont want that digital crappy sound Im sure.
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eyebanez, I notice youre consistently nice and helpful around GG&A, just wanted to say its appreciated

aww shucks...

This is cheap and you can make quality tones of any genre with this thing.
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Consider Bugera. I'm not going to say that you should get one, but it's the cheapest way I can think of to get a great hard rock/metal tone in an all-tube amp. The 6262 is based on the Peavey 6505+ and the 333XL is based on the Peavey JSX/XXX/3120. The 6262 has a very gritty distortion while the 333xl is voiced more for shredders and is much smoother sounding. Either way, you can sell your Blackstar if you get one of these - they have more than enough gain on tap. I don't know what the prices are in the UK, but US it's $800 for the 6262 and $850 for the 333XL half stacks. Take 50 bucks off both if you can go for the quarter stack (212 cab instead of a 412) and 150 off if you decide to go for the combos.
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Put an order in for a 6505+ 112. You may get one by Christmas next year
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Besides changing the EQ to add more Mids you could try an overdrive pedal like one of the Boss models or even the DOD YJM308 which colors Yngwie Malmsteen's overdrive tone that is supposed to approximate the old classic DOD 250 overdrive pedal.
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