Any song recommended for beginner?? I have an acoustic guitar. I just started trying to play last week and im looking for some help
Rivers of Babylon - Sublime/Bob Marley
Mary - Sublime
Island in the Sun - Weezer
Polly - Nirvana <------ First song i ever learned
yeah Polly by nirvana
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
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learn major, minor, and maybe 7th chords.
then practice changing between them fast.
then learn the above songs
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start with some songs that just use chords

learning to fly and free falling by tom petty are easy songs

also check out:


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go to the top100 tabs (on front page i believe). i used to go there all the time when i first started
It depends on what music you like, but for pure ease:

Santa Monica by Everclear
Polly by Nirvana
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Don't worry learning to play the guitar takes alot of practice and time. You will get there eventually.

To start with learn playing open chords. Practice getting the right shapes with the fretting hand and make sure they strum cleanly.

Next practice strumming up and down smoothly while holding the open chords. This can take a while to get the hang of at any real speed so don't worry it comes in time.

At the same time practice changing between chords while keeping your strumming going. To start with this will be tough going but the most important thing is to keep your strumming going even when you mess up the changes.

You are now ready to play a few songs

Let it be by the Beatles is easy enough if you find the right version.

Then look at learning strumming patterns as these make your playing sound much better.

After that its really down to you to learn whatever you like. Various websites have , chords / tabs for songs ,free lessons and videos.

Good luck and don't forget to practice
Paranoid by Black Sabbath is an excellent choice. The song has pretty much every
teknik you need to practice. It also has a textbook extended pentatonic scale solo.
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