So I'm starting to listen to more stuff with lutes and other medieval era stringed instruments. Thus, I am trying to write stuff like that. But I am unclear as to what type of scales & chords to use. So do you know of any that would sound nice?
Here are some examples of the stuff I mean.
youll see the dorian mode alot. harmony didnt really exist back then. although...you mentioning instruments makes me think you might be talking about rennaissance stuff.
In the middle ages you have ecclesiastic music and popular music.
One was basicly played by monk and such, was monophonic, and used some variation of modes, as in D dorian, or hypodorian, but I don't remember much of it...
The other one was played by jongleurs and troubadores, and they sung poems with it, most of the time in the court or whatever....
Although there are different times in the Middle Ages for each of them, so it could vary...
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How medieval are you talking?

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I'm pretty sure it was flat 5. The tri-tone.
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I'm pretty sure it was flat 5. The tri-tone.

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But anyway, a lot of the lute parts in medieval music are just phrases from a simple minor or major scale played on one string and others playing chords. I'd suggest listening to a song and trying to figure out the chord progression and melody by ear. They're usually pretty easy, using chords from a major scale.

For example, just play the chords of a minor scale one at a time in ascending order and it sounds pretty medieval.

Dm, E diminished, F major, G minor, A7, Dm
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