Has anyone here ever tried to dye a pickguard? I remember my guitar teacher telling me he was dying his a long time ago, and I decided to dye a white one that started to turn yellow thanks to my brother letting smoke in the house (I now live in a smoke free house).

If you've dyed a pickguard, do you have any tips or a suggested way of doing it. I've been trying to get some vinyl dye from auto parts stores which is in a can like spray paint but works like a dye by being absorbed into the plastic instead of coating it like paint. The only other idea I have is letting it soak in a fabric dye.
for the cost of this dye why not just buy a different colored pickguard? or are you trying to do some kind of cool effect with it?
From what I've heard, I've got to get a custom pickguard cause it's for an old Charvel with a slanted single coil neck pick up and a humbucker by the bridge. Standard Strat pickguards are easy to replace, but wouldn't work here.
As I mentioned before, I'm just trying to get rid of smokey yellow. I tested some vinyl dye on a white plastic container, and I'm not too happy with the results. The color is uneven and their are drip lines. Perhaps I just suck at using it
So you're wanting to return it to white then? You could probably take a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to it? I would test this on the backside or some other place on the pickguard first though
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they make spray paints that are made to work on plastics. just buy white and have at it. the stuff bonds at a molecular level (so they say) so it sticks, unlike normal paint and plastic. stuff does actually work, i pained my shutters with some and they came out well.

I hope that picture works. I could never get it t work before. Anyway, I was thinking about going red with it. Now that I looked at the side of the pickguard really closely, there's actually a clear plastic layer on top of the white layer which probably results the appearance that isn't uniform white. I was hoping the red dye could kinda blend with that and create the same affect but a uniform red would be okay too.

Now I'm thinking I'm going to cook it in Rit red dye at 175-200 degrees F because I'm seeing videos that show it works well with plastic too.
That's a pearloid pickguard, the 'grain' of the plastic runs in many different ways. That's why you're having such difficulty dying it. Doesn't pearloid naturally turn to a yellow-ish on it's own with age?
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I did it. I used Rit dye and the oven and it sort of worked, but the staining lack uniformity. For some reason the space on both sides of the pickups and around the knobs didn't stain as much. I do realize now that I forgot to wash the pickguard off.


Rit dye (Scarlet)
Large throw-away aluminum pan
Metal spoon

I put enough water in the pan to cover the pickguard, and then put about half the dye in the water. Later I just dumped all of it.

I set the oven to 200 degrees F at first, but later bumped it up to 225. The pickguard spent at least 10 minutes in the oven in the dye.

I tied two pieces of string around two screw holes, so I could pick it up without sticking my hand in there. I made a loop and then tied that off so the string wasn't tied tight against the pickguard.

Aside from washing the pickguard, I think if I do it again I won't dilute the dye, and I might even try salt. It says salt helps dye certain fabrics. I also might need to let the dye and water get hotter. If I can't get a good result, I can always just paint it white.
well that came out better than I thought it would.
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Agreed. I woudnt mind doing mine seeing that.
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