thanks for the crit earlier. I really really love your music. The layering is extremely well done and made some really interesting music. Sometimes we're blue was great. The vocal layering used as an instrument was great.
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The beginning of that first song didnt catch the name was just anoying no offece but i heard that 2 times in a row then turned off the song thats all i have to say sorry man
thanks for being open minded enough to listen to the whole thing. good job, hooray for you. i would roll my eyes at you but i don't feel like the effort's worth it, so imagine it for me. I wouldn't care if you didn't like the song, in fact I'd gladly welcome constructive criticism about it, but the fact that you didn't listen to any of it, then decided to post about how you didn't like it and throw "sorry" and "no offece" in there. also, what the **** does offece even mean. come on man, i've sat through some damn terrible music on here in my time and tried to give honest and constructive critiques on all of it, so, just, come on.
that's all i have to say sorry man

anyways, thanks shredmeiser, i appreciate that you actually listened to it and that you liked it.
PRO's I:t was very original, and worth a few listens. Originality is hard to come by nowadays.

CON's: The songs are too much of a "rough draft" if you know what I mean? I think you'll refine your music better in the future. The same with all artists.

All together, I say good job. Very good job, indeed.
thanks man, yeah, it's DEFINITELY rough still, i was putting together a lot of it as I went (different from improv though, i mean)
and it's all just garageband, with the drums done in reason.
I'm thinking about refining it in the studio since i'll be spending a lot of time there this month, but it all comes down to time.
thanks a lot!
well ur gonna have to sit there and suck it up some people arnt going to like ur music and the first seconds are what keeps them from turning it off and i didn't like it so i turned it off and thats ur first song if the first song was something i unlike then why will i sit through the others im just saying to you from my perspective i wouldn't listen to it because it maybe creative but its to new and different for me..no reason to get hostel at me i gave u my opinion for free and thats what it was..u cant get mad at some one for Criting and i kno ur gonna so well u didnt even listen to the song..i didnt need to i have u a crit on what i heard and i wasnt about to listen to a whole song like that..Good day
I didn't think it was bad at all. I really don't get into the electronic sounding stuff, but for what it is it is grand. Owl city-esque from what I have heard by them. I would like to hear some with a good vocal track and lyrics, I listened to the first one up there and there, sometimes were blue i believe it was, it was really neat, but the yoddle sounds when it went higher was very strange, lol. And the one that was title make peace with your limbs was a great peice of instrumental work. That one was my favorite of the two.

check my stuff out later if you like some indie on the more rock and roll side

Boy, that sure was different. This is not something I would choose to listen, but it's nice to see something out of the box. What really got me is that oo-uu vocal work in the beginning (also in the outro), it's really interestingly done. The song structure works fine, no real downsides. Overally it sounds very spacy, you got your own style, which is always a good thing. Good luck on your future songs.

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This is a weird sh*t... Hahaha... never heard anything like this... very new to me...

But near the end... I kinda feel like it was Coldplay who did this....

Overall its a good piece... very unique... Keep it up..

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