I´m looking for some help here.
I´m new to recording and some friends recommend me the mbox 2 mini for recording. I´m from Ecuador and there aren´t many recording interfaces here. I´ve found just a few. Fortunately I found the mbox but only the mini. It doen´s really matter because i won´t need more. I believe 2 channels are enough and it has everything i need for now. I also see the M-audio Fast track. I was wondering which one would be the best and if any of you have had any experience with any of those.

Also I´m looking for a microphone and I´ve seen that the best for recording electric guitar is the shure sm-57. But I also want to record acosutic guitar directly from the guitar and maybe voice, so would it be better a condenser microphone?? In my local music store i see the AKG Perception 120. It cost 10 dolars more than the shure and it´s a condenser microphone, so i believe it would be better.
Please would you reccomend me any of those? or maybe other one in the price range 130-180 dollars.

My budget for the two are 500 dolars. the mbox mini is $ 370 and the m audio fast track is $ 200. The shure is $150 and the akg is 170.

Please help me!!

Thanks in advance!
you can buy the m-audio fast track today only for 100$ on musiciansfriend.com. Also, i would recommend getting 2 mics, one for guitar and one for vocals. I would get the shure sm57 and also a sterling audio st51 for the vocals.
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