So one of my tubes on my fender twin is grey or murky at the bottom. All the other ones are clear. What does that mean? First time with a tube amp obviously so excuse my ignorance.

Thanks all help appreciated.
You mean like this?

That's normal.
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That's normal.


Tubes get hot. The glass becomes discolored over time.
It should be silver...not grey or white. Greyish end means the tube has lost vacuum due to microscopic cracks or defects in the glass.
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^^^Correct, although not all amps have the silver residue left on the end from manufacture.

That's from the burning of various chemicals designed to "absorb" any gases left in the tube after evacuation. That's the "getter".
Oh thank god, and yeah, its silver. I thought I was going to have to replace it. I got the amp that way from musiciansfriend. I guess they must have been jamming on it before they shipped it to me. Gah..new my ass. Oh well, thanks you guys.