This guitar is pissing me off sooo much right now. The g string goes out of tune so much everytime i play. I cant bend it without it going out of tune a full step. Is there anything i can do besides buy new tuners for it?
Lock the strings properly when stringing and lubricate the nut. Any tuner should be able to hold tune reasonably well on a non-trem guitar, so unless the tuners are loose or physically broken that's not your issue.
You get what you pay for, dude. The most you can do is make sure the nut and saddles are lubricated and be sure you're stringing it right. There's a good tutorial in the setup thread, I thought I was doing it right until I saw it, you may not be either. Rub your saddles and nut slots with graphite to lubricate them, you'll hold tune better.
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Its an LP100! I have one and stock it wouldnt hold tune for more than a few minutes. It wasnt stringing technique, been stringing guitars wout issues for years including a squier w stock tuners. Only fix was a set of proper tuners. Now it will stay in tune for long periods same as any of my other guitars.

Re-string guitar using the method posted in that link (picture). If that doesn't work then you either did not do string it properly or you need new tuners.
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