I had a feeling it wasn't true.

But, this:
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That doesn't make it official.
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Thats what i thought

well it was worth a try

but i also knows he likes using pagers

so this might not be fake

and that leaves us back to the beggining

ahhhhhh crappppppppp
I hope this is true; I want to see them live at some point in my life, although I should probably do that soon....
John using twitter? I doubt it.
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too bad twitter isnt a reliable source

and wikipedia isnt either so dont try!

haha but i know how you feel, you just want anything to tell you hes not leaving
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That account has such awfull spelling and over all looks like a 15 year old kid having fun. It's most definetly fake.
No, it's not official. If Twitter has an account made of ANYONE somewhat famous, they put a little sign up top verifying it's that actual person.
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i wish it was true... please john please stay with RHCP!!!
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This ought to shut you up

I now have a lolstack, therefore I shall stop my rampage!
Well anyway even if he does quits.

Im pretty sure that chili peppers are going to join the john frusciante band

all of them have played in some of his solo work

except for anthony

his got too much pussy loving for johns music
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Just for that, I hope they replace Frusciante with Lil Wayne.


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You just got my hopes up for a fake tweet.

**** you, TS.

I would like to reiterate this point.
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Damn you, bodyheatseeker

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bodyheatseeker, I will NEVER forgive you.

"isn't traffic annoying. 10:29 PM Jun 11th from Tweetie "

John doesn't drive, that makes me think it's fake.
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lil wayne =/= lil jon ?
Quote by NinjaSlayHuman
You just got my hopes up for a fake tweet.

**** you, TS.

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Goddamnit TS, if you were here right now I'd be pummeling you in the face with a grapefruit.

Grapefruit? Try cantaloupe...
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Dear TS,
If I ever happen to see you,I will make Harry Houdinis skull appear in your arsehole.

.....That is all.
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