I'm getting the Schecter omen 6 FR.

Whapping Seymore duncan Blackout pickups on it.

Wondering what's the best set of strings to put on it.

I plan on downtuning to dropped A#.

Help much appreciated.
Those were just the heaviest I thought of off the top of my head. I actually can't stand those strings.
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GHS Boomers. Buy GHS boomers, custom lo-tune. I had my schecter in Drop A for a while, thats what i used
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I think that the really heavy GHS Zakk Wylde set would be best for really low tunings like this, ultra heavy, but they still have light plain strings! But I would avoid getting the 70 set, you really don't need a 70 to go to drop A, 8 string players use a 70 to go down a whole octave!
hmm... I'm kind of Wary for GHS 'cause of my Dean. But i'll consider it.

You got a link to those strings you suggested?
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Also, if you have a floyd rose, forgot about using it man, just block that mother****er off! thats what I have to do when I have really thick strings.

It's already blocked.

I'm getting it from a friend.

Ebay search baritone strings, they have plenty of good stuff. I have Everly X Rocker's .12-.60 on my guitar, in drop B. I like them alot
I say 13's. you going through the modern BMTH phase?
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I have 11-56's, and they handle that tuning fine.
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