Looking at Dimarzio's for Bridge and neck but I don't really know which to pick as there a fair few choice's

Looking for good sustain, smooth sound and good harmonics. Also id like it to be versatile rather than just for shred, be able to get a Hendrix tone out of them

gear Ibanez Rg350dx
Well, uh, Hendrix used single coils. Don't know how you'll mount those into your RG, but whatever. Those Area 61 pickups seem pretty cool.

I guess you should look at the more vintage-flavoured pickups rather tahn the crazy high output ones. They're better for clarity, which is useful for shredding. Try the Air Norton or Paf Pro.
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Don't get me wrong I shred a bit, I'd just rather the pickups be more rounded so the are capable of getting near that sound. Will into look at the Area 61 and Paf pro tho. Any other surgestions?
dimarzio's website has a pickup picker, so you tell it what you want in a pickup, and it gives you some suggestions
once you find some pickups you like look at putting a coil tap in the bridge and neck, that will help get a single coil sound, which will help with playing hendrix and then will allow you to play metal