Sup guys how are ya?

Me and my band (our myspace) are going to be recording a new CD at home soon. Do you guys have any tips on how to make the cd sound like a CD rather than a random group of songs? I assume we should just mic everything the same way and things like that, but i just want everyone's two cents.

have transitions between songs that work. meaning if one song ends with feedback, maybe fade it out and carry a touch over into the next track. or if a song has an abrupt end (like dead stop in the middle of a wall of sound) have the next track sound like it fits after the break. so basicly have the songs work well in the order they are in, instead of something random.

other than that, consistent (high) quality and some sort of cohesion to the sound works. i mean as long as it sounds like the same band from one song to the next thats a start at least.
get the song edited and mastered by an outside professional maybe add that in aswell if you wernt already
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Same guitar tone or at least similar guitar tone. Make them sound like its the same band too.
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