Alright, so my family was hit pretty badly by the recent recession. Know this, I don't want to ask for a pricey Christmas gift, and lately my mother has been asking me what I want and reminding me that money is scarce.

Basically, I need a present for myself under $100 USD.

Any suggestions for cool stuff would be appreciated.
a cheap pedal


or to help your family out, just ask for a card/nothing??
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jimmybanks youre a genius

Just ask for money
If there nothing you really want, whats the point wasting money on it?
Then when something you really want come along, you have ££ :O (or $$ for u)
Ask for a collection of books. They're generally not all that expensive (I was able to get my sister a collection of all the Jane Austen novels for under $20, new), they're entertaining, enlightening, and if they're good, you won't lose interest in them very quickly.
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Do you actually want anything?

Not being enveloped in the unfulfilling clutches of materialism is probably the greatest gift of all.

i'd rather xbox games to be honest.
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