Any opinons on which are the best replacement strings? best sounding, longest lasting?
its about personal preference but i like darrdio or however thats spelled
I always get DR strings... I've tried DR, Ernies, and a couple others and DR strings are the only ones that havent broke on me and I play gigs every other day... More specifically I get DR black beauties.... they cost a little more but they last quite a while and they look cool because they are black strings...
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dude, you should really find witch strings you like to use.

as long as you pay more that £5/$10 for them they should be of decent quality, on witch you prefer is up to you

also the thicker the strings, the better they are for lower tunings

i play thrash metal/metalcore in my band on lead guitar, i use roto pinks 9-42(superlight Rg) ive used them for 3 years and they are the best strings ive ever used, they also have a really great tone

remember though, strings come down to opinion, try to find what suits you
Elixirs are by far the best strings I have played. I have them on my ESP Eclipse 2 and I don't think I have changed them for about 3 months so far. When I ran my fingers down the strings of my Stagg, which I put ernie balls on last week, the strings are already starting to rust. When I run my fingers down my elixers, they feel almost like the day i put them on, no rust at all. They are $13 a pack where I live, but its worth it.
I use Ernie Ball 10-46...I like them a lot =)
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its about personal preference but i like darrdio or however thats spelled


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This has been asked a billion times .... use the search bar ...
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My favorites for a long time have been DR Strings 10-52

However just put on Dadarrio's for the first time gauges 10-46 and these suckers are some of the if not the best strings I've ever used. Metal as hell lol.
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I personally can't stand D'addarios.

I'll check off what I've played and why I don't play it anymore.

D'addario - Stiff. VERY stiff strings imho. Very little room to bend with, sure they age considerably well but just ugh, it's like playing with bars rather than strings. I'd have better luck hitting a 3rd note bend on a 2x4.

Ernie Ball - Exactly the opposite. Sloppy feeling strings to me, very loose and out there. I need a balance of tight with room to bend, not rock hard, not strings I can wrap around my axe 3 times over. These didn't stretch out well either for me, seemed like they were always stretching further and thus falling out of tune, just like stringing my guitar with a bunch of slinkys.

DR - Of the strings I don't play anymore, these are my favorite, and are still on most of my guitars. The black beauties last for a while, but the color scratches off very easily leaving them looking hideous. The Hi-beams were great, but rusted faster than I would have hoped. 2 months and I had to replace them, which was the only downside.

Fender - no.

and this is what I do play.

Cleartone - Bam, strings I'd never heard of but some guy who works at the local GC who's always there selling strings and picks, every single ****ing time I go to GC, recommended I try the cleartones. $13 a pack, worth it. I play 11-48's or something like that, 48-52, somewhere around there. Put em on maybe 3-4 weeks ago, still feel brand new. DR's would have started to corrode by now, if not at the very least lose a little brightness. These babies are still just as bright as the moment I put em on, they look beautiful, no warping or tearing, no rust, no discoloration, despite being in my garage for a couple weeks. Very resonant strings, works wonderfully for me. Oh, and, I keep em tuned up in E but end up tuning down anywhere from E to Drop A and back (gotta love tune-o-matics.). Handles everything I run em through and goes right back to where it started in standard E. They're not wallet friendly, but if that's my ONLY complaint, I don't have any complaints.
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I keep switching back and forth from D'addario to Ernie Ball, 10 - 46 for both. I like the feel of the EB's better but I also find they tend to keep stretching for what seems like forever. I still want to try some GHS or Rotosounds, but for some reason when I am buying them, I just can't pull the trigger on the lesser known brands for some reason.
Buy a few, they are cheap and see what brand and gauge you like best. I can't stand D'Addario's for some reason but love Ernie Ball Super Slinky's (both the regular and pure nickel)
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Ernie Ball and RotoSound strings were always the best quality in my opinion. Never liked D'Addario.
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I use Elixer strings. The nano web polyurethane coating i use has kept my strings nice and bright for months at a time. I noticed alot of players have suggested D'addadrio or how ever you spell it. and DR strings. Yes d'addadrio are nice. They came stock on my Ibanez RG. But i swapped them out for Elixer NANO Web 11's and i prefer them. The coating prevents grime and keeps the strings longer lasting and i have yet to have a string go dead. Only breakage, and me changing them after a year and a half in one case. Im no guitar genie and i damn shure aint no newbie. But if your looking for long lasting strings STAY AWAY FROM ERNIE BALLS! They need to be changed after a short period of time.
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