I'm looking to get some pedals in an effort to obtain an indie rock type sound (Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Bloc Party, etc.) but I don't quite know where to start since I've never gotten pedals before. Any help or recommendations?
A good delay (probably analog), is certainly a must for a Block Party sound.
An overdrive/distortion, if you don't already have it on your amp/don't like the sound of it on your amp.
delay, wah, chorus, flanger, and overdrive/distortion... that if you really want effects but my set up is easy, I just plug my guitar to the amp and use my natural overdrive there, thats it...
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What's a good overdrive pedal to start with. I figure overdrive and delay will be my first few to start with. My set-up is a Palmer ES-335 and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.
Do you have a budget?
The Maxon od808 is pretty basic overdrive that you work well for you.
For delay, maybe a TC Nova Repeater
What's the general consensus on the Boss DS-1 and the Boss SD-1? Those seem to be pretty cheap. If not those then what about the Ibanez TS9? Those seem to be the names I see pop up the most when I'm looking around for distortion pedals.
A Fulltone OCD (or similar mid-gain, British sounding distortion) and something along the lines of a Boss DD-3 will get you in the same area as Bloc Party/Manchester Orchestra. What era of Brand New are we talking?
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