Doesn't have bass, couldn't be botherfed adding it, it just follows the guitar. THis is my first full song, so comments and constructive criticism would be appreciated.
Sounds like I'm playing an X-Men game from the super-nintendo era...I can appreciate the work that went into it, but I think I'd have a better idea of a metalcore song that wasn't constructed as a midi-file, however. Not that it sounds bad, though, keep up the good work, would love to hear the real recorded version.
I think the first 50 seconds could use a bit more work. It sounds very un-melodic and very unnapealing. Also, for a metalcore song, it has almost no structure. It's just random riffs thrown at you at random times. Maybe you can make it more flowing and structured. It's also a bit short for the amount of riffs you have in there.

It's ok but not good. It has good riffs but I just think that you need to clean it up.

nice work.