I was on craigslist and I found this guitar for $250. The guy said its a Rik Emmett model dean v I know these are real expensive, but could this really be it?

The guy lives about 2 hours away but if this is worth it i'll go there, but I would try it out b4 i buy it to make sure it plays good...
rik 1.jpg
rik 2.jpg
rik 3.jpg
one way to tell: ask him for a snapshot of the serial number, then get confirmation
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It looks similar, but the output jack is on the treble point of the V, not the bass side like it should be.


Now, bear in mind that link takes you to a limited-edition custom shop sig, and it's possible Dean did a less-exclusive production run as well. That would explain why they wouldn't have bothered to route for the jack on the bass side; most Vs have the jack on the treble side, so it would have been cheaper to use an existing template.

Slash_rocks is absolutely right; Slash rocks. He's two for two in that you should run the serial number by Dean to check authenticity, and due diligence is key. But since the guy's asking $250, chances are it will be a decent guitar for the price anyway (maybe not custom shop limited-run hand-signed decent, but cool nonetheless).

Good luck!
I've pretty much come to the conclusion that it is a Dean White/Gold V, so I'm gonna check it out. Even the its not the rik emmett, it still looks pretty neat