Sometimes after posting something, my post gets closed or locked out. The other day it got closed for accidently posting something twice. The guy said that I will be reported to the moderator, and today it got closed because I wanted to add something that I forgot. The guy said that I should have edited my post instead of doing a reply, and that I will reported to the moderator. I was in the Air Force and it isn't that strict.

I am almost afraid to post anything now, in fear of it being closed or locked out. Any suggestions???

How many people on the site are allowed to close a post, and why are they doing it?
It is just stupid people, don't worry about it. Only mods can close things. They are normally cool, but they have so much stuff to do, they normally just enforce the little rules to the T. It isn't a big deal. You should have hit edit, but it doesn't go on our permanent record or anything
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i've just checked your threads and this one was closed by Invader Jim, and this one was closed by Roc8995.

please contact them via private message if you would like an explanation, and include a link to the thread you are referring to when doing so.

in future the best thing to do if your thread is closed and you don't understand why, is to send a PM to one of the mods of that particular subforum, give them a link to the thread and ask why it was closed. they can then either explain why it was closed (if they were the one who closed it or the reason is very obvious), or check which mod closed it and refer you to the right person.

the list of mods of a particular forum can be found near the bottom of a forum page under the list of threads - for example the mods of the new member's forum are sonixon, divid3d (me) and Burpin'Worm and this is listed near the bottom right of the new member's forum index page.
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I can understand spam, porn, trolls, but sometimes I have a really good post going and then it just says locked out or closed.

Maybe someone says that they hate Fender Guitars, then the post gets closed and they are reported to the Moderator. I will give the forum a few more tries and see what happens.